Teeth Straightening with Six Month Smiles—Safe, Comfortable, Efficient and Discreet

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Published: 09th October 2012
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Have you been putting off teeth straightening because you don’t want to be seen with those ugly braces on your teeth? Six Month Smiles may be just the solution for you! This cosmetic dental procedure employs new, advanced orthodontic technology that provides for safe, comfortable and efficient tooth movement without the metal mouth. These clear teeth braces blend with the color of your teeth and are barely noticeable—ideal for anyone above the age of 20 seeking the perfect smile without the embarrassment of traditional metallic braces.

The Reason Six Month Smiles Technology is Making Waves
• Finally, here is a common-sense solution to correct gaps, crooked, and crowded teeth
• The clear Lucid-Lok™ cosmetic braces and tooth-colored wires blend in and are almost invisible
• Less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers
• Shorter treatment times averaging 4 to 9 months (with most patients needing only six months compared to up to 2 years with traditional teeth braces). Reduces the number of dental visits while achieving quicker results.
• Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits™ ensure that your appointments are fast and comfortable
• Use of low force offers a gentle and virtually painless way to guide teeth into place making the process both safe and comfortable
• Having straight teeth not only improves your smile but also reduces the risk of periodontal (gum) disease and stops premature wear and chipping of the front teeth.

How does the Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening Process Work?

• A temporary bond is applied on the cosmetic white brackets and attaches the wire to each tooth
• The wire naturally wants to return to its initial shape so it gently moves the teeth into a straight alignment
• You visit your dentist once a month to check the progress and make any necessary adjustments to allow the tooth movements
• Once the brackets and wires are removed, your dentist will polish any worn edges of the teeth (caused by years of uneven wear) revealing your beautiful and confident smile.

The new Six Month Smiles teeth straightening procedure has taken the best aspects of braces and modified treatment and materials to give you uniform cosmetic teeth. The main focus is on the appearance of your teeth (and smile) rather than time consuming changes to the way your back teeth bite together. You can have your teeth straightened and be done before your next cleaning appointment.

Choosing a Dentist for Your Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Teeth Braces

Some of the frequent questions that patients ask are—“will it hurt?” and “what are the risks involved in this innovative teeth straightening procedure?” Suffice it to say the risks are no more than traditional orthodontics. Being treated by a qualified and experienced dentist in Madison or Middleton Wisconsin contributes to a positive and satisfying outcome.

Dr. Andler and his team at Andler Dental, Madison, Wisconsin have been educated at leading cosmetic and general dental schools. They also pursue continuing education from dental experts around the world to provide you with the latest treatments and exceptional dental care.

Their flawless Six Month Smiles cosmetic teeth procedures have helped many people in Madison, Wisconsin and Middleton, Wisconsin improve their smile, appearance and confidence. Since dental health, patient safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, we go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and well-cared for. That’s why we include tooth whitening and minor cosmetic teeth recontouring as part of the teeth straightening treatment!

Contact Andler Dental at 608-831-3236 or request an appointment via e-mail for teeth straightening with Six Month Smiles.

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